Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) An Implementation Guide

Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) is an adaptation of the Community Score Cards (CSC), a well-known social accountability tool. CSC consolidates people’s opinion and facilitates an informed dialogue between communities and the local governance structures. Conventionally, a CSC aims to bridge the dialogue between two main actors: the People and the State. In the case of climate change there are not two, but three important dimensions: the People, the State and the environment. To account for this, systematic integration of information on local governance and local climate science and livelihoods will be made in the CCSC. The CCSC will support communities with evidence and rationale to prioritize issues and provide a platform for dialogue with relevant decision makers.

This document is a Do It Yourself (DIY) guide on the Climate Change Score Card developed by Public Affairs Centre through its experiences of working with Fisheries, Palmyrah and Agricultural Communities in Tamil Nadu, India.


Climate Change Score Card: An Implementation Guide [PDF]

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