How do MPs utilize MPLADS?

Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a national scheme that allows the legislators (MPs) get a chance to don the role of executive by choosing and allocating development works. Each MP is allocated Rs. 5 Crores per annum currently, while it was Rs. 2 Crores per annum till last year. With such a huge amount at the disposal of each MP, it is often assumed that it would be used completely.
Against this backdrop, Public Affairs Centre (PAC) launched a study on MPLADS to understand and analyse the utilisation pattern among the MPs ( Sabha & Rajya Sabha) in Karnataka. The present study looked at variations in MPLADS spending by various criteria, such as backward and forward regions, education qualifications of MPs, extent of experience of MPs, among other factors.

How do MPs utilise MPLADS?

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