Tools for Improving Maternal Health Service Delivery, An Implementation Manual

Public Affairs Centre undertook a unique Citizen Report Card study of Maternity Homes, India Population Project (IPP) Centres and Urban Family Welfare Centres (UFWC) in partnership with five city-based NGOs in 2000. A total of 500 patients and 77 staff of these facilities were interviewed. The purpose of the survey was to get corroborative evidence on the poor quality of services provided, and the widespread corruption in the Maternity Homes to strengthen the advocacy work of Civil Society Organisations. The findings that came out from the study clearly showed –

Poor service delivery in Maternity Homes;
High levels of corruption in the delivery of services in Maternity Homes;

In 2010, PAC undertook another similar study to measure any changes that may have taken place over the last decade in the quality of service delivery in these Maternity Homes. This study highlighted some gaps in service delivery and availability of funds. An effective advocacy process was initiated by empowering communities (users) to make evidence-based demands for better funds allocations and better services. This was done through the systematic use of social accountability tools.

The project has been successfully pilot-tested in the Maternity Homes of Bangalore and we see a great potential in replicating it for wider impact.

This implementation manual provides details on designing and implementing these social accountability tools which will aid PAC’s larger mission of building core competencies in designing and undertaking budget analysis and score cards and institutionalize the same in the civil society space in the future.

This manual details the three social accountability tools that have been used by PAC in a systematic manner – Citizen Report Card; Budget Analysis; Community Score Card. The following sections of the manual give broad views of the intent of using the tool, the steps to be followed and the logistics required to implement the tool.

This manual is designed for community groups, NGOs and research institutions working in the health sector. This is specific to maternal health service delivery. The tool can be used to facilitate good governance through promotion of participation, transparency, accountability and informed decision-making.


Maternal Health Tool Kit

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