Public Policy Research Group


Public Policy and Research Group (PPRG) conducts academic and/or professional research into policy relevant issues in order to influence policy makers and other institutions (NGOs) with the best practices through the research findings.

The objectives of PPRG are as follows:

  • Conduct academic and/or professional research on important sectoral and inter-sectoral issues of policy relevance.
  • To strengthen policy-making and implementation through systematic research.
  • Provide knowledge of the larger setting in which improvements in public service delivery and urban infrastructure take place.
  • Enable the building of a comprehensive socio-economic database of cities in the country, so that PAC can become the clearinghouse of such information.
  • Influence policymakers, civil society and other stakeholders with such research through dissemination of findings.
  • Collaborate with other institutions in the above-mentioned endeavor.

The focus of the group initially will be on urban issues, but will later diversify into other areas.

Public Affairs Index (PAI) is PAC’s flagship study on the quality and levels of governance in all states of the country. Based almost entirely on government data in the public domain, PAI identifies 10 broad themes, covers 25 focus subjects and is spread over 68 specific indicators. It is the contention of the Public Affairs Centre that PAI portrays the country’s governance complexity in the most comprehensive manner.


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