Climate Smart Cities Bangalore’s Response to Climate Threats, Policy Evaluation and Recommendations

Climate change is one of the most important national and international issues that require policy intervention at multiple levels. There is scientific consensus that global average surface temperature is increasing due to anthropogenic factors, and rapid variations in rainfall patterns may have a major impact on livelihood and economies. The international community is addressing climate change by designing mitigation and adaptation strategies. However, in recent years it has become clear that focusing on mitigation strategies has not achieved the targets and in order to minimize the effects of climate change in the population, countries must work on adaptation strategies.

The objective of this Policy Analysis Exercise is to evaluate Bangalore’s response to the new challenges posed by climate threats and to generate policy recommendations to improve its adaptation strategy. Attempting to perform an analysis of Bangalore’s adaptation strategy is a challenging task, information is limited and government practices are not institutionalized, therefore, we will rely mainly on qualitative methods to assess the state of Bangalore’s climate threats management.

To understand the specific climate threats for the city we performed an exploratory analysis of recorded events and its impacts on the population; by building a database of such events we were able to identify floods as the main threat for urban Bangalore. This preliminary research also allowed us to identify the most vulnerable areas, which were selected to be the focus of this project. Additionally, we elaborated an analysis of the government agencies involved as well as the formal plans and strategies published by the government. Once we selected the geographic locations we performed semi-structured interviews to both residents and government officials to assess its perceptions and to identify gaps between the formal plans and the activities on the ground.

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