Dr. Meena Nair – Head, Participatory Governance Research Group

Dr Meena Nair, joined Public Affairs Centre in February 2005 as Research Consultant, and was appointed Research Officer in April 2005 and Senior Research Officer in April 2007. Currently, as Head of the Participatory Governance Research Group (PGRG), she coordinates most of the research activities of the Centre, especially those related to the implementation of Citizen Report Cards (CRCs) in various spheres of governance and levels of public service delivery.

Prior to joining PAC, Dr Meena worked for 6 years as a Researcher at various levels in the Social and Environment Research Centre (SERC) for Synovate on projects related mainly to health. She has specialized in the field of geography having done her M.Phil and Ph.D from the Centre of the Study of Regional Development, Jawarharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Dr. Meena Nair can be reached at

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