Dr. Sanjeev D. Kenchaigol

Dr Sanjeev holds a Masters degree in Economics and a PhD in Development Studies (Economics). He was a recipient of ICSSR doctoral fellowship during the year 2003-2006. For his doctoral research, he looked into the problem of conceptualisation of women’s empowerment from a perspective of human development and expanding human capabilities.

Soon after his PhD, Sanjeev worked with the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), and the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE). His association with ISEC provided him the micro-level understanding of the role of social support systems in alleviating multidimensional poverty and possible implications of withdrawal of subsidies on farmers, among other insights. His involvement in an interdisciplinary research program, IDRC sponsored Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanised Watersheds (ACCUWa) at ATREE, on the other hand, gave him a whole new experience of understanding the problem of climate change in terms of impact of water scarcity on the livelihoods of poor, farmers and peri urban communities in the villages of Arkavathy River basin.

Sanjeev is interested in the normative aspects of development problems such as multidimensional poverty, human wellbeing and gender inequalities. He believes that the capabilities approach to human well-being offers better scope for examining problems of poverty and wellbeing, which are multidimensional in nature.
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