The State of Our Cities: Evidence from Karnataka

Massive urbanization has become a contemporary reality in India with crucial implications for development and governance. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of data and information on cities in India. This pioneering work fills the vacuum through detailed case studies of 15 cities in the state of Karnataka.

Karnataka’s growth trajectory has been closely shaped by the expansion of its cities, in particular the spectacular rise of its capital, Bengaluru. Assimilating data from numerous primary and secondary sources, as well as current practices and policies, this book delineates specific benchmarks and indicators to capture the dynamics and potential of urban areas in the state. The book provides a comparative analysis of 15 cities along six thematic areas—history and governance, demographics, economic dimensions, infrastructure and public services, resources, and quality of life. It also presents detailed fact-sheets providing a snapshot of the socio-economic dimensions of each of the cities. In doing so, it unravels the complex forces that shape cities and underlines the importance of sharing best practices and fostering competition among cities for improved infrastructure and business environment.

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