Public Affairs Index – Measuring the quality of governance of Indian states

Public Affairs Index

Although good governance has always been the objective of all governments across the world, it was from the early 1990’s, that many international institutions like the World Bank started emphasising that “Good Governance” is a necessary condition for fast and inclusive development in any economy.

Lately, there has been renewed focus in the country about governance processes and institutions to evaluate the quality and levels of governance. In a federal country like India, where the responsibilities and duties of the State Governments have been listed out clearly in the Constitution, the role of the States to achieve high levels of governance gains more importance.

Can governance be measured in an objective manner using data available in the public domain so as to capture the essence of this quality of governance? Can we identify the critical aspects of governance and use the same for comparison between the States? Can we assign scores and ranks to the States based on the aggregation of the data in various key areas of governance? These were the issues that attracted the curiosity of Public Affairs Centre and prompted it to undertake the study.

The Public Affairs Index (PAI) is an attempt to bring together the states of the country which are culturally, economically and socially diverse, into a common data-driven framework, to facilitate an interstate comparison. A well-framed methodology backed by statistical data from government sources, have been included in the study to provide insights into the subject.

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