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Public Affairs Index (PAI) is a data driven platform to rank the 30 States of India from the lens of governance. While it is a complex task to rank the Indian states which are economically, culturally and socially so diverse, Public Affairs Centre (PAC) has developed PAI as a unique statistical tool to evaluate the performance of governance in the States. PAI is largely based on secondary data and has been extracted from Union Government Ministries and Departments.


PAI 2016 ranked the states of India on the basis of 10 broad themes, spread across 25 focus subjects and focusing on 68 individual indicators. The report also incorporates a study on Sentiment Analysis.

While the new PAI 2017 report is similar to PAI 2016, it has been upgraded and made more comprehensive. PAI 2017 has 10 themes, 26 focus subjects and 82 indicators. It also includes a new study on Inequality, which focuses on the extent of the gap existing between the various strata of society from an economic, social and gender perspective.

It is PAC’s expectation that PAI-series would promote Good Governance, through fair competition and best practice sharing amongst the States of the country.

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