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Public Affairs Index (PAI) is a data driven platform to rank the 30 States of India from the lens of governance. While it is a complex task to rank the Indian states which are economically, culturally and socially so diverse, Public Affairs Centre (PAC) has developed PAI as a unique statistical tool to evaluate the performance of governance in the States. PAI is largely based on secondary data and has been extracted from Union Government Ministries and Departments.


The Public Affairs Index 2017 brought out in May last year, succeeded the 2016 report, in a more complex and comprehensive manner. Not only did the report focus on more subjects with an increased number of specific variables but it also attempted to examine intricate issues such as the overwhelming nature of inequality in our country, now becoming an inevitable corollary for development. The report dealt with this conundrum in the light of economic disparity, gender bias and social discrimination, thereby trying to arrive at an integrated index for inequality in the country. The report also examined the comparative merits of two clear models of development, one based entirely on economic growth, the other emphasising the imperative of enhancing the capabilities of the citizens first so that they can access the fruits of development in a more humane and sustainable manner.

PAI 2018 will continue with the same broad objectives, namely that of measuring governance, but in a manner that will increasingly lift it beyond the merely statistical, leading up to a multi-dimensional and comprehensive matrix that will attempt to capture the complexities of governing the plural and diverse people of this vast subcontinent.



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