PAC Annual Report 2007-2008


I am pleased to present to you the Annual Report and Accounts of Public Affairs Centre for the year 2007 -08. For PAC, the past year has been a year of transition at multiple levels. New members have joined the board of PAC. A new full time Director, Dr. Gopakumar Thampi, has been appointed at the Centre. The new Campus has provided the staff and visitors a pleasant work environment. New and innovative avenues for engaging with the State and partnering with the civil society in different parts of the country have not on ly helped us leverage our strategic advantages but also given us a host of daunting challenges.

Given the immense problems of public governance in the country, the board and staff of PAC will have to position themselves with care in the pursuit of its mission . The need to sustain and speed up the momentum gained over the decade and a half while constantly striving to uphold the quality benchmarks we have set for ourselves cannot be overstated. Though the art of blending knowledge with informed citizen action towards improving the quality of governance has been our unique forte, we still have considerable ground to cover in actualizing its full potential. Our ability and inclination to constantly redefine our goals and strategies, reflect on our re levance and reposition ourselves in the rapidly changing milieu of public governance will prove vital in realiz ing the vision and dreams that we have set for ourselves.

Dr. Samuel Paul

Public Affairs Centre – Anual Report – 2007-2008 [PDF]

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