PAC Annual Report 2009-2010


It is hard to believe that Public Affairs Centre (PAC) has completed 15 years. PAC’s activities and reputation grew steadily during this period, despite its modest resources and teething troubles. I salute PAC’s Board, staff and the directors who led the organization for their dedication, team work and signal achievements.

In my view, PAC’s major contributions during this formative period are threefold. First, PAC’s “citizen report card” (CRC) has demonstrated its power as an accountability tool all across India and in several other developing countries. Numerous non-governmental organizations and international agencies have applied this tool in diverse settings.

Second, what was crafted as a civil society tool to demand public accountability is increasingly being embraced by governments themselves. It is not only the CRC concept, but also the new and innovative “citizen monitoring of road quality” that several governments have endorsed and adopted. I would not have dreamt of this turn of events at the time PAC was launched.

Third, PAC has created new platforms such as the “Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness” (CMCA), and the “Coalition Against Corruption” (CAC) jointly with other civil society groups. Both of them have helped enhance the spread of civic activism and collaborative citizen action for improved governance. Recently, CMCA has been spun off as an independent trust.

All these are important achievements. They represent notable landmarks in PAC’s short history of which we can all be proud.

All those who have participated in this venture and supported it in many ways deserve our thanks.

I wish PAC all success in the years to come.

Samuel Paul

Public Affairs Centre – Anual Report – 2009-2010 [PDF]

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