PAC Annual Report 2010-2011

It is a matter of pride to PAC to be recognised by the Think Tank Initiative as an important resource centre in South Asia.
PAC chose the less trodden path in developing unique assessments of citizen experience and knowledge through its
Citizen Report Cards. This recognition of its contribution to the emerging development debates of our times spurs us on
towards newer explorations that creatively blend the wisdom of many actors to reach the goal of good governance.
I thank the IDRC for its support to PAC to lengthen the road that we have built so far. I also look forward to the many
opportunities this offers us with respect to reaching out to similar teams all over the world engaged in like-minded efforts.
Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah (Former Chief Justice of India)

Public Affairs Centre – Anual Report – 2010-2011 [PDF]

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Evolved as a group for citizens to connect with the government; active engagement in electoral reform and public service analysis
Developed Citizen Report Cards, began to engage in research on state projects