PAC-IDRC project on the State of India’s Cities

Cities in India, suffer from inadequate data and information, which has undermined their ability and that of analysts and policy makers to comprehend the complex forces shaping cities and to develop and implement effective urban policies. Given the importance of cities in the country’s economic growth and development, a review is done of the country’s four major cities —Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, in this report.

The research will attempt to provide a comprehensive assessment of urban conditions and drivers of urban change. We establish key indicators for monitoring and evaluating India’s cities, through which cities can communicate experiences and share best practices in the delivery of urban services, policy development, and data management. To the extent possible, all indicators will measure policy outcomes and the database will allow comparisons among cities. We attempt a comparison of socio-demographic and economic dimensions, urban poverty, infrastructure and public services (such as water supply,sanitation, sewerage, roads, street lights, electricity), municipal finances, and quality of life (air quality,water quality, parks and other recreation facilities).


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