Assessment of BWSSB services in Bangalore – English

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board invited Public Affairs Centre (PAC) Bangalore, to conduct an ‘ASSESSMENT OF BWSSB’s SERVICES’ in its jurisdictional area in Bangalore. PAC carried out this study based on its pioneering and well-known Citizen Report Card (CRC) approach.  The study was based on user feedback generated through a scientific random survey of users, service providers and case studies of Treatment plants, Cauvery Headworks and Plumbers. The purpose of the study is to systematically assess the quality, responsiveness and outcomes of the basic services provided by Divisional, Sub-divisional and Service Stations to the public; generate a better understanding of the problems faced by consumers, and constraints being faced by the BWSSB staff in their role as service provider to the community; and to assist the BWSSB to use the information and knowledge generated through the study so that actionable policies and remedies can be formulated

Download the English version here

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