Continue Karnataka Knowledge Commission

Coverage of our evalution report for the Karnataka Knowledge Commission. [Read the full report here]
Published in The Hindu, 5th March 2013:  ‘Continue Karnataka Knowledge Commission’
An evaluation study conducted on the functioning and relevance of the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (KJA), the State’s Knowledge Commission, favoured continuation of the KJA for a longer period for effective implementation of policies and better governance. The Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Bangalore, which conducted the evaluation, said: “It was universally accepted that the KJA should continue to exist for a longer term so that the projects and initiatives such as the K-GIS, Mobile Internet Vans will be implemented with a long-term perspective. The KJA has played an important role in bringing a change in the attitude of the people with respect to the functioning of the government.” [Read full article here]
Published in Prajavani, 6th March 2013:  ‘Karnataka Knowledge Commission should continue’ 
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