Contribution of Urban Poor to Bangalore’s Economy

Press coverage of our study “Contribution of the Urban Poor to Bangalore’s Economy” done as part of the Government of India’s program, Support to National Policies for Urban Poverty Reduction.

Business Standard: Slum dwellers contribute 3-3.5% of Bangalore’s economy

A new study found poor households earned a total of Rs 1,545 cr, spent Rs 1,185 cr, contributed to savings of Rs 360 cr to the city in 2011.

Deccan Herald: Those calling them pushovers will eat humble pie

The City’s slumdwellers are often seen as the cause for many of the ills dogging it and a drain on its resources. But a recent study shows that they contribute 3.5 per cent to its economy, despite being handicapped due to poor infrastructure facilities in their dwelling places.

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