Press Coverage of Green Manifesto Karnataka

On 15th April 2013 Justice M N Venkatachalaiah released the Green Manifesto for Karnataka in the presence of Dr Dwarakinath (Chairman AME foundation & Former Vice Chancellor UAS, Bangalore), Mr R Suresh (Director PAC), Mr Pronab Dasgupta (Senior Advisor and Director TERI-SRC), Mr D K Manavalan (Executive Director AFPRO), Mr Srinivas Ravindra (Executive Director CSD), Shri  Ayayappa Masagi (Chairman Water Literacy Foundation), R Krishnan (Executive Director SNEHA & State Convenor FANSA Network) and Prof Krishna Raj (Associate Professor ISEC). The Green Manifesto was drafted based on the outcomes of the roundtable on identifying green issues in Karnataka held on 5th March 2013. The draft manifesto was circulated among like-minded individuals and organisations for their inputs and a final manifesto was developed.

Prajavani, 16th April 2013:

Press Release Green Manifesto


DNA, 16th April 2013:


DNA Article

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