PAC Thematic Workshop – 2016

– 6th October, 2016

At the end of PAC’s last Perspective Plan in 2014, a series of discussions were initiated within and outside PAC, on the possible directions the team could take to develop competence and credibility of other kinds. The result of these deliberations has been the delineation of five thematic areas in which PAC needs to develop technical competence, initiate pilot projects, test fresh social accountability approaches, and obtain standing in the circles of technical experts in the respective domains.

With an aim to shift our research focus on five broad themes such as Urban Resilience, Employment Generation, Water Security, Green Economy and Vulnerability, PAC conducted a workshop on October 6, 2016 and invited experts in these fields to give us a direction that we could take forward.

The details of the PAC thematic workshop is summarised in this Video

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