Public Affairs Centre releases first of its kind anthology penned by former Chief Secretaries


In The Rear View Mirror: Reflections of Chief Secretaries


Even as governments changed and metamorphosed, the permanent bureaucracy of the country, embodied in the Indian Administrative Services, as well as the state administrative services, tried as best as they could, to ensure stability and continuance of good governance and propriety. And to a large extent they have been successful.

Now here in this exciting collection of essays written by the top bureaucrats of the states of India, the Chief Secretaries who have held the reins of administration in their capable hands, we see a fascinating variety of experiences, good and bad, which have helped to shape not only their individual personalities, but also the destinies of the states that they have administered. The volume represents the distillation of their practical experiences and reflective wisdom, and will be of immense interest to any informed citizen, academician and practitioner of administration.

This book is the first of its kind in the field of governance literature.

The book is now available on Amazon.

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