Citizen-Led Environmental Impact Assessment (CLEIA)

PAC’s Citizen Led Environmental Impact Assessment Toolkit (CLEIA) an innovative toolkit is an attempt to develop a participatory interactive approach to improve the involvement of local communities at various stages in the EIA process. CLEIA is designed to ensure that the citizens are empowered to effectively communicate with project proponents or clearance authorities with structured data to back their issues with any projects. The simple, yet effectual toolkit is designed in such a manner to engage and get the locals to come together, communicate among each other and reach a general consensus on the project details.

The tool was applied in conjunction with a project on ‘Citizen Monitoring of PMGSY Roads’ which was undertaken by PAC in collaboration with the National Rural Road Development Agency and the World Bank. CLEIA was tested in seven Indian states covering 140 roads. The roads were assessed based on the CLEIA Checklist with the help of Volunteers in all seven states trained by the team undertaking the study of quality of PMGSY roads.

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