Connecting with Nature – World Environment Day 2017

The 2017 theme for World Environment Day is Connecting people to nature. Public Affairs Centre situated in Jigani, Bangalore has a beautiful 2-acre campus that is filled with a varied species of trees which provide shelter to birds, insects, snakes, butterflies and many minute creatures that make up the beauty of our planet.

In our daily routine, we generally do not get enough time to go out into the open and enjoy the beauty of our environment. The nature walk organised by Ms Bhargavi Nagendra on June 2nd, 2017 was an eye-opener as we were able to see firsthand the rich ecosystem that thrives so close to us, yet not visible easily.

WED 2017 at PAC


Mr Ajay Ampalakkad, a Botanist took us around our own campus and taught us to cherish the beauty that lies within. This exercise has strengthened our resolve in fighting for the environment that we inhabit because there is no other option available!


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