CRC 2 in Odisha and Tamil Nadu

After the CRC-1 studied the NBA, its processes, outcomes and beneficiary engagement in 2014, the program changed to SBM (G) under the Government of India’s announcement on October 2, 2014. As a result, CRC-2 in 2016 covered beneficiaries who had built an IHHL under the “new” SBM (G) scheme. The geographic spread of CRC-2 was similar to CRC-1: six districts each in Tamil Nadu and Odisha were chosen. The same six districts and the Blocks within each district as covered in CRC-1 were chosen. This was to enable a comparison of performance within the same districts nearly two years after the first CRC was completed. In all, 2660 households in Odisha and 2415 households in Tamil Nadu formed the beneficiary sample; 361 officials at various levels ranging from GP to district offices were interviewed in each state using a separate questionnaire.

To read or download the full report click Here.

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