India-EU Smart Cities: Sustainable Urbanisation

PAC was invited to the India-EU Smart Cities: Sustainable Urbanisation conference held on 13th and 14th October, 2017. With rapid urbanisation across the globe and the present economic growth in India, the aim of the conference was to look at how the civil society and governments could work together in ensuring that development could take place without it affecting our physical environment and at the same time allocating the available resources to everyone equally.

Many scholars and reputed institutions were invited to the conference who gave sound solutions to mitigate problems that come with unplanned urbanisation. Dr Meena Nair, Head, Participatory Governance Group at PAC spoke on the Usage of Social Accountability tools like Citizen Report Cards (CRCs) and how they can be used to increase efficiency of public service delivery – showcasing some examples from Bangalore city. Ms Bhargavi Nagendra, Programme Officer, Environmental Governance Group, presented the PAC Waste Tracker as a tool for citizens and governments in dealing with garbage management in an organised manner in a session chaired by Mr G Gurucharan, Director, PAC.




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