Towards Semantically Aggregating Indian Open Government Data from

Ms Asha Subramanian, Consultant with the PAC presented a paper on aggregating Indian Open Government Data at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in Vienna, Austria from October 21st to 25th. The paper was co-authored by Ms Asha Subramaniam along with three others from the International Institute of Information Technology.

Abstract: Knowledge representation of “open data” involves aggregation of disparate information in a semantically meaningful context. This task is challenging as such datasets are arbitrarily structured and fragmented with no overarching contextual framework in which the datasets are uploaded. The utility of such datasets is determined by the “context” in which they are presented and the same dataset can be viewed and consumed in various contexts depending on the consumer. We present open data from in ‘Many Worlds on a Frame (MWF)’ – a framework where knowledge is organized within one or more thematic worlds each of which in turn relate to one another to form the global knowledge frame.

The paper can be accessed in this link


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