PAC Annual Report (April 2016 – March 2017)

The vulnerability of individuals, households and communities is based on everyday issues like resources constraints or marginal status, compounded by inadequate access to institutions of the state or the market alike. Enhancing access, improving the quality and the adequacy of services, expanding community participation in governance, and ‘learning by doing’ are, in our view, important steps to build resilience to mitigate the effects of government or market failures. We believe that community agency, especially of the women, by which the poor and the disadvantaged are transformed from mere beneficiaries to become agents of change, is a necessary condition for sustainable, inclusive and equitable development. It is here that civil society plays an irreplaceable roe in something that only the community can do – holding the state to account, preventing institutional decay, and building community capacity for participatory governance.

The Public Affairs Centre (PAC) as a think tank does this, not through adversarial engagement but by fostering evidence-led, community based, context specific, and resource sensitive action. PAC partners with governments to help make interventions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of ‘praxis’, PAC remains engaged in ‘research to action’, giving voice to disadvantaged populations. It is our conviction that evidence based, innovative, and technology driven interventions for human development do make a difference and transform lives. Our effort moving forward will be to build and strengthen alliances and generate critical mass. This report captures in essence, our work this past year. We want you to tell us how we might do better next year – the common good must be the common cause that binds us.

– G Gurucharan,


You can download the report HERE

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