Can farmers adapt to Climate Change?

Scientists and researchers throughout the world are relentlessly working towards developing methodologies to assess vulnerability, along with approaches and strategies for adaptation. The assessments being designed and conducted include top-down methodologies, which downscale climate change models and effects, or use secondary levels of data and information; and bottom-up frameworks, which try to understand why, and how, local people and natural systems are vulnerable to climate change. Such bottom-up analyses are needed to understand the risks and to
take appropriate policy decisions.

Therefore, a study titled ‘Climate Adaptation and Resilience in South Asia’ was undertaken – a collaborative effort of three think tanks of South Asia; Center
for Science, Technology and Policy, India (CSTEP), Institute of Environmental Transition – Nepal (ISET – N); and Public Affairs Centre, India (PAC). This study was carried out in the Cauvery delta (Kumbakonam taluk, Thanjavur district) by PAC in partnership with the DHAN Foundation. It focuses on the Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) – a tool that connects livelihoods, governance and climate variations and provides results based on the field research.

The full report is accessible HERE

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