About PAC


Public Affairs Centre (PAC) engages in action research focussing on Sustainable Development Goals in the context of India. PAC is a not for profit Think Tank, established in 1994 with a mandate to improve the quality of governance in India. The creation of PAC was perhaps the first civil society-led institutional initiative to mobilise a demand for good governance in India. Dr. Samuel Paul (Founder Chairman) was instrumental in establishing PAC with a select group of friends. Public Affairs Centre (PAC) is a pioneer organisation in deploying innovative Social Accountability Tools (SAT) to measure the quality and adequacy of public services. Over the years, the scope of our work has expanded and we have gained credibility in our ‘commitment to good governance’ mission.


Enhance the quality of public governance, through active civil society engagement, to make it equitable, inclusive, and accountable; to ensure that we advance the rights of the vulnerable population; and secure fair development opportunities for all.


Undertake action research to generate evidence and new knowledge for sustainable development; foster awareness, informed advocacy, and well-designed action to enhance community agency; and partner with governments to improve the quality of development praxis.