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PAC Annual Report (April 2016 – March 2017)

The vulnerability of individuals, households and communities is based on everyday issues like resources constraints or marginal status,...


WaterAid is well known as a domain expert in water and sanitation. As PAC’s knowledge partner WaterAid provides useful inputs at critical...

Public Affairs Foundation

A sister organization of PAC and a not-for-profit company, PAF has nearly perfected the art and science of carrying out Citizen Report...

Objectives of the mission

General objectives Increase the voice of consumers in SBM implementation and monitoring sanitation debate in 6 districts of Orissa and 6...

Improving consumer voices and accountability in Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin (SBM-G)

The project (August 2013 – December 2016) aims to address demand and supply issues through the use of social accountability tools (SATs)...

Ground work in Tamil Nadu

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Ground work in Odisha

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Indian Sanitation Sector

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Right to Sanitation

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National Policy Review

In the previous version of the National Policy Review (NPR) submitted in March 2014, we made an analysis of the sanitation programs in...