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Dr. S. J. Nanda

Dr. S. J. Nanda

S.J. Nand has received formal academic training (MSc, MPhil and PhD) in Social Science and experience in social sector evaluation research...

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Poornima. G.R

Poornima. G.R joined Public Affairs Centre on 1st February 2010 as Programme Associate with Participatory Governance Research Group (PGRG)....

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Dr. Sanjeev D. Kenchaigol

Sanjeev holds a Masters degree in Economics and a PhD in Development Studies (Economics). He was a recipient of ICSSR doctoral fellowship...

Kanthi Prakash

Kanthi Prakash

J. Mary PushpaKanthi, joined Public Affairs Centre (PAC) in June 2008 as Executive Assistant and was appointed as Administrative Officer in...


Devika Kannan

Devika Kannan joined PAC as Programme Officer in the department of Participatory Governance and Research. She received her undergraduate...

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Pankil Goswami

Pankil joined PAC as a Programme officer with the Public Policy Research Group in November, 2015. He comes from a background of Economics...

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Sukanya Bhaumik

Sukanya Bhaumik, joined PAC as Programme Officer in May 2013. She has a post graduate degree in Economics (Mumbai University) and Urban...

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Arvind L. Sha

Arvind L. Sha, joined PAC as Programme Officer in January 2013. He has over 3 years of work experience in environment and climate change...

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Nikhil P. Shaji

Mr. Nikhil completed his M.Sc. in Economics with a specialisation in Development Studies from Symbiosis School of Economics. He joined PAC...

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Varsha Pillai

Varsha Pillai has more than 12 years experience in the communication space. First as a TV news journalist at reputed news organizations...