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The State of Our Cities Evidence from Karnataka

The State of Our Cities: Evidence from Karnataka

Massive urbanization has become a contemporary reality in India with crucial implications for development and governance. Unfortunately,...

State of India's Cities-An assessment of urban conditions in four mega cities

State of India’s Cities – An assessment of urban conditions in four mega cities

Cities in India suffer from inadequate data and information, which has undermined their ability and that of analysts and policy makers to...

Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka

Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka – Evidence from three Urban Development Programmes

This study has its genesis in a research Public Affairs Centre did for the Expenditure Reforms Commission, Government of Karnataka, on...


Participatory Governance Research Group

The PGRG forms one of the four important domains of PAC. The niche until recently was in providing user perspectives on service delivery...


Citizen Action Support Group

Citizen Action Support Group converts the research at PAC into sustainable action, facilitating conversations with different governing...


Environmental Governance Group

The Environmental Governance Group in PAC was established in 2010 with a mandate to “address the governance issues in environment and...


Public Policy Research Group

Public Policy and Research Group (PPRG) conducts academic and/or professional research into policy relevant issues in order to influence...


The State of India’s Public Services – Benchmarks for the New Millenium

At the dawn of the 21st century, PAC carried out a national study covering all the states of India to assess the condition of its public...

Analysis of Suo-moto declaration of Section 4.1. b, 4.1.c and 4.1.d of the RTI

PAC carried out an analysis of Suo-moto declaration of Section 4.1. b, 4.1.c and 4.1.d of the RTI on the websites of 5 public authorities...