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National Policy Review

In the previous version of the National Policy Review (NPR) submitted in March 2014, we made an analysis of the sanitation programs in...

Quarterly Receipt of Foreign contributions Apr-Jun 2016

Quarterly Receipt of Foreign contributions Jan-March 2016

Consolidated Financial Report 2015-16

Consolidated Financial Statement 2014-15

Consolidated Financial Statement 2013-14

Maternal Health Study

– Prarthana Rao, Programme Officer In 2000, Public Affairs Centre (PAC) conducted a Citizen Report Card (CRC) study of maternal...

The New Niti Aayog

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) This blog is a response to the comments made by Shri Bibek Debroy in the Economic Times on 5th January...

How safe is Bengaluru?

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) I relocated to Bengaluru after my retirement from the Indian Administrative Service in July last year...

The Moral Crisis

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) We all talk about the moral crisis that is engulfing us now, while we still are not able to define what...