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The best counsel

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) It is heartening to know that in 1558, when Queen Elizabeth I appointed Sir William Cecil as her...


The rule of law

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) The rule of law: a simple enough premise, for established law is only a confirmation of common sense and...

Few good men- Mathew

A few good men

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) How good men respond to the pressures placed on them in the discharge of their duties is a matter of...

Many struggles-Mathew

Many struggles

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd) There are some titanic struggles afoot in the country. And we barely perceive what they are, nor do we...

yes sir-mathew

I Agree, Sir

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd)   Why are IAS officers perceived as Yes Men? A wit once said that IAS stands for I Agree, Sir. In...


Justice tempered with mercy

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd)   I wrote this blog some two years before my superannuation: in retrospect, it probably reflects a...


Lessons from recent history

– C.K. Mathew IAS (Retd) Here are some quotes from  Madhav Godbole’s book on Nehru: “The God who Failed”. Our own...


Minutely just, inflexibly upright

– Dr C.K. Mathew, IAS (Retd)   Henry Roberdeau, a young officer of the judicial service, who served the East India Company in...


A matter of identity

– C.K. Mathew IAS (Retd)   Google maps tell me that my residence at Koramangala at Bangalore is at 12.928586 latitude and...


Arjuna and the Eye of the Fish

– C.K. Mathew IAS (Retd) (ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN DECEMBER 2010) The old fable is well-known: when Arjuna participated in the...