Category: Events

Stakeholders’ consultation meeting

– 14 October, 2016 Public Affairs Centre in collaboration with Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute (EMPRI) hosted...

Interdisciplinary Workshop – United Kingdom, 2016

– 14 November, 2016 With the goal of improving accessibility to climate science evidence, University of East Anglia conducted a...

United Nations “World Toilet Day” conference – 2016

– 20th November, 2016 The United Nations University held a conference on November 20th to discuss the possible pathways by which...

IDRC-TTI regional meet – Bangkok, 2016

– 14 & 15 December, 2016 PAC is a member of the prestigious Think-Tank Initiative (TTI) of the International Development Research...

EMPRI stakeholder consultation

Based on the study ‘Assessing Double Injustices of Climate Change and Urbanisation on water security in Peri-Urban areas around...

PAC Thematic Workshop – 2016

– 6th October, 2016 At the end of PAC’s last Perspective Plan in 2014, a series of discussions were initiated within and outside...

Evolved as a group for citizens to connect with the government; active engagement in electoral reform and public service analysis
Developed Citizen Report Cards, began to engage in research on state projects