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Objectives of the mission

General objectives Increase the voice of consumers in SBM implementation and monitoring sanitation debate in 6 districts of Orissa and 6...

Improving consumer voices and accountability in Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin (SBM-G)

The project (August 2013 – December 2016) aims to address demand and supply issues through the use of social accountability tools (SATs)...

Pac India Research papers

State of Urban Services in India

With increasing population and expanding demand for urban infrastructure services, the capacities of local governments in many developing...

Benchmarking Citizen Report Card on NBA/SBM

This report comprises of findings from a Citizen Report Card (CRC) exercise that was conducted in six districts each of two states, Tamil...

Fighting Corruption

Abstract: The growing distrust of government and widespread public rage against corruption are driven by what citizens experience in their...

Pac and the Government

How do MPs utilize MPLADS?

Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a national scheme that allows the legislators (MPs) get a chance to don the...