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Public Eye – September 2018

The September 2018 Issue of the Newsletter deals with PAC’s work in the PDS project. We interviewed one of our field partners Mr...

Public Eye – January 2018

After a brief hiatus, Public Affairs Centre is glad to present to you its newsletter ‘Public Eye‘. The newsletter will capture...

Ground work in Tamil Nadu

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Ground work in Odisha

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Indian Sanitation Sector

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Right to Sanitation

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National Policy Review

In the previous version of the National Policy Review (NPR) submitted in March 2014, we made an analysis of the sanitation programs in...

A sample media post

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State of Karnataka’s Cities – Press Release

In a pioneering study of 15 cities in Karnataka, Public Affairs Centre has drawn attention to the unbalanced pattern of urban development...

North-South Project

The Economic Times, Bangalore, May 7, 2013: Quality of governance results in southern states surging ahead Quality of governance and better...