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In the Rear View Mirror: Reflections of Chief Secretaries

Public Affairs Centre releases first of its kind anthology penned by former Chief Secretaries

    Even as governments changed and metamorphosed, the permanent bureaucracy of the country, embodied in the Indian...

The State of Our Cities Evidence from Karnataka

The State of Our Cities: Evidence from Karnataka

Massive urbanization has become a contemporary reality in India with crucial implications for development and governance. Unfortunately,...

State of India's Cities-An assessment of urban conditions in four mega cities

State of India’s Cities – An assessment of urban conditions in four mega cities

Cities in India suffer from inadequate data and information, which has undermined their ability and that of analysts and policy makers to...

Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka

Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka – Evidence from three Urban Development Programmes

This study has its genesis in a research Public Affairs Centre did for the Expenditure Reforms Commission, Government of Karnataka, on...

Pac India Research papers

State of Urban Services in India

With increasing population and expanding demand for urban infrastructure services, the capacities of local governments in many developing...