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The Community Score Card approach

The Community Score Card (CSC) process is a community-based monitoring tool that is a hybrid of the techniques of social audit, community...

Citizen Report Card Toolkit

The Citizen Report Card (CRC) is a simple yet powerful tool to provide public agencies with systematic feedback from users of public...

Tools for Improving Maternal Health Service Delivery, An Implementation Manual

Public Affairs Centre undertook a unique Citizen Report Card study of Maternity Homes, India Population Project (IPP) Centres and Urban...

Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) An Implementation Guide

Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) is an adaptation of the Community Score Cards (CSC), a well-known social accountability tool. CSC...

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Climate Change Score Card – A Social Accountability Tool for Environmental Governance

Climate Change Score Card (CCSC) is a social accountability approach that adapts the best features of Community Score Cards, participatory...