PAC For Corporates

PAC engages the business and industry sector to integrate their social outreach efforts into the framework of Good-Governance, by promoting engagement based upon measurable and sustainability social development outcomes.

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PAC and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Public Affairs Centre has played a pivotal role in promoting Citizen Participation, particularly with the Government and Institutional service-providers. Our partnerships with CSO/NGOs have also strengthened the voice for social-organisations. PAC has been instrumental in developing processes that channelise communication and bridging gaps among these stakeholders of Governance – Citizens, Government, Civil Society, Service-Institutions. Over the past decades and more visibly in the recent few years, Companies and Industry have begun to work with welfare and developmental areas. While this may have been driven by compliance needs related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) legislation, the trend for the future indicates a paradigm shift with increasing CSR interventions, particularly in select areas promoted by Government legislation.

CSR / companies are stakeholders PAC seek to involve as partners in the social and development sector. This engagement has more dimensions than being a channel of outreach for funds / financial support. As a flag-bearer for CSOs’ and with its extensive depth of experience in community engagement, PAC is in a unique position to lend direction to the CSR sector. This is an opportunity for us to share our learning and knowledge, build implementation processes, and balance measurable outcomes with lasting impact. Let us channelise through CSR projects, the research-study, tools & instruments, methodologies & approaches developed by PAC for use and action for benefit of the community at large.

PAC is seeking to engage with a select few companies of high-credibility and social-commitment. We hence seek to build meaningful engagement on long-term projects that promote social transformation. We have successfully done many projects that include the domain of Community Development, Environment, Education, Health and Hygiene… among many others.

PAC can engage with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at five levels:

  •  Policy Research and Analysis of CSR laws; lead discourse and action on future direction of legislation; channel recommendations to Government and Industry Bodies for formulation of policies and regulatory systems
  • PAC as social-sector knowledge-specialist supports institutional-fund-foundations and implementation agencies as an audit-partner for outcomes assessment, compliance and process efficiency
  • Build certification and compliance systems; support social-sector organizations to develop capacity to scale for development and maintain high quality deliverable
  • Undertake projects that drive long-term programme with measurable and sustainable benefits for community stakeholders, with funds and grants from companies with Values, Mission and Vision in alignment with PAC
  • Promote inclusion of corporate-industry CSR activities into Good-Governance framework, inclusive of citizen-community and civil society and government participation