Workshop on Policy Engagement and Communication

“Training helped us to understand the importance of audience/stakeholders perspective.”

“Interactive sessions.”

“Understood the importance of communication.”

“The group activities were useful and for the first time we were not just sitting but on our feet.”

“Group activities were useful and we were asked to map our stakeholders and then identify the mode of communication we would use (based on the audience).”

– Common Foundation Course for Class A & B officers of the Govt. of Karnataka, ATI Mysore

PAC’s Workshop on Leveraging Social Media for Fundraising

“We want more such workshops in the future, to help us experiment and practice to post on social media platforms.”

“We liked the participatory and interactive approach and the sharing of relevant examples.”

– ISET, Nepal, July 2019

Save the Children : Workshop on Community Score Card (Concept,
Methodology, Design, Implementation)

“We have learnt a lot through this training. We had a very detailed discussion as well. For the future, the training will be even more effective with some hand-holding support that we have requested PAC for.”

– Kolkata, May 2019

National Level Training Program on ‘Fundraising: Trends,
Opportunities and Techniques for NGOs’

“Tips by the trainer was excellent with knowledge and experience”

“SWOT and SMART analysis were good and clearly presented”

“Teamwork and group discussion was very good”

– Bala Vikasa, Warangal, Telangana, April 2019

Training on ‘Policy Engagement and Communication’

“Informative and cognitive exercises”

“Creating an audience Matrix was useful”

“Illuminating, with a lot of fun”

– Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, March 2019

Local Government (Municipal) Finances for officers of
Comptroller & Auditor General of India in the Executive Development Programme

“Extremely responsive trainers, easy-to-comprehend content, very useful
case studies & handouts. Excellent workshop”

– IIMB, Bangalore, March 2019