Visitor’s Comment


“Such a nice Hospitality !”

– Mr Mohammad Hanri,
Institute for Economic and Social Research, University of Indonesia


“Privileged to explore the partnership with PAC. Very dedicated & Professional team. Thanks for all your hospitality”

– Mr Shoury Reddy & Mrs Sunitha Reddy,
Balavikasa, Andhra Pradesh


“It was a pleasure interacting with the bright and experienced team of PAC. The discussion was insightful and the organization had provided a warm welcome and a potential possibility for future collaboration. Honoured to have visited PAC today. Thank You.”

– Dr Ravi Kanth,
UNICEF Consultant


“It was a pleasant visit to the PAC Campus which is a green campus and has been aesthetically designed. We had a fruitful discussion with the Director PAC and other colleagues.”

– Mr. Sujit Kumar Chowdhury,
Fiscal Policy Institute, Director


“Very impressive activities and hospitality. Wish to be associated professionally with both individual and institutionally”

– Prof. M R Narayana,
Consultant , Fiscal Policy Institute


“Excellent Conversation with brilliant minds! “

– Mrs. Yashashree Gurjar,
Chief Executive, Sulochana Thapar Foundation


“The energy, enthusiaim and desire for collaboration and synergy building is great at PAC!”

– Mr. Jagadananda,
Mentor & Co-Founder, CYSD, Centre for Youth and Social Development


“Awesome begin here at PAC with friends at PAC and love to be associated with an organisation that stands with social justice!”

– Dr. Akkai Padmashali,
Founder, Ondede


“It was very nice to visit PAC and nice to know that after interacting with the staff that a lot can be developed for the Sustainable Think Tank project. Lots of optional for synergy!”

– Mr. Kanchan Mani Dixit
Program & Operation Manger, ISET Nepal


“It was a wonderful visit. It’s really worth appreciating to see that this small institution is making it’s own mark in an Industrial area!”

– Dr. Sukanya Kundu
Professor, Alliance University


“Very impressed visit to the campus, the researchers are very eager to know new things. Growing of trees and other progressive steps taken by the management is very appreciable!”

– Mr. B S Arun
Associate Editor, Deccan Herald


“It’s been a privilege to come to PAC the last 4 years, great bunch of people to work with. I wish you the best of luck with your exciting future!”

– Dr. Seema Bhatia,
Senior Program Officer, IDRC