Stakeholder Voices

PAC speaks to K Jairaj, Retired IAS officer, in a conversation with Dr Annapoorna Ravichander, Executive Director, Public Affairs Foundation. 

PAC speaks to Prof Milind Tambe, from Harvard University and Founding Co-director, USC Center for AI in Society [CAIS], University of Southern California on Artificial Intelligence for social good

PAC speaks to Mr Shoury Reddy, Executive Director, Balavikasa on the
collaboration potential between thinktanks and other not for profits.

PAC speaks to Prof. M R Naryana, Consultant ( Academic & Research),
Fiscal Policy Institute, Govt. of Karnataka on the collaboration potential between
thinktanks and government.

PAC interacts with Mr Sujit Kumar Chowdhury, Director, Fiscal Policy Institute, Govt. of Karnataka Finance Department on the potential collaborations possible between think tanks like PAC and FPI.

The Team from Citizens Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP), Kabul, Afghanistan visited the Public Affairs Centre to learn about our research work. We speak to them on their experience at PAC.

Dr Akkai Padmashali, Founder-Director, Ondede, Social Activist and a leading voice of the transgender community. PAC had the privilege of listening to her and the stories of her struggle and that her community.

Mr Nitin Pai, Founder, Takshashila Institution visited Public Affairs
Centre on August 17, 2018. Interacting with the PAC team, he shared his journey from being an engineer in the Singapore government to becoming a leading Public Policy expert in India. This interview gives an insight into his thoughts on public policy in India

PAC had an interesting interaction with Dr A Didar Singh former Secretary to the Government of India on a range of subjects from migration to future of work to what civil servants bring to the world of think tanks.

Dr Seema from the Think Tank Initiative, IDRC has been associated with PAC for the last 5 years. In this interview, she discusses in detail what the partnership with PAC has meant for IDRC.

Associate Editor of Deccan Herald, Bengaluru, Mr B S Arun visited the Public Affairs Centre on Octoober 10, 2018. Mr Arun gave an interesting talk on how researchers can use different forms of writing styles to maximise the reach of their study with respect to the audience at large.

Dr Fahmida Khatun, Executive Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh visited the PAC campus on August 22, 2018. She spoke about the present day challenges of South Asian think tanks and the role they play in influencing policy change.

PAC spoke to Babar Ali- as the youngest Headmaster in the world, was invited as the guest of honour at the first Dr Samuel Paul Memorial Series.

Prof Shantha Sinha, Former Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child rights was the guest of honour at the first Dr Samuel Paul Memorial Lecture. She spoke about the state of Child Poverty, vulnerability and the laws in place to protect children from abuse.

Prof Narendra Pani, renowned Economist and professor at the National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) visited the Public Affairs Centre (PAC) PAC to discuss diverse sectors that it could focus its research on as well as areas where both NIAS and PAC could collaborate on.

​Public Affairs Centre interviewed Mr John Quadros on the issue of recruiting skilled workers for overseas employment.

As part of the PAC Interview Series, PAC had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Seeta Sharma from the International Labour Organisation on the issues in the field of migration, skills and employment in India

As part of the PAC interview series, we interviewed Dr K P Krishnan, Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

PAC spoke to Professor Sayantan Ghosal from the University of Glasgow on our project that aims to positively impact the beliefs, aspirations and agency of parents belonging to poor marginalised communities in rural Northern Karnataka.

Prof Arun K Pujari, Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Rajasthan visited PAC on May 28, 2018 and we spoke to him on the potential collaborations between academic institutions and think tanks like PAC.