Dr. Samuel Paul established Public Affairs Centre (PAC) to primarily ensure that citizens are protected to have a rightful place in the flow diagram of procedures and access. This idea was spurned by a statement he observed with regard to public services in India. He quoted that “… pride plays no place in the delivery of citizen entitlements, often it is viewed as a favour, an opportunity to abuse the asymmetry of knowledge to make a quick buck….”.

The creation of PAC involved mobilisation of a vast amount of goodwill founded upon a cheery optimism and faith in humanity. Dr. Paul utilised his huge acquaintance and bonds with academicians, bureaucrats, researchers, and a number of students. He invited them to co-habit a fresh space in Indian governance thinking, bringing with them a wide range of experiences with governments and service providers. He indulged several ideas that flowed in, sifted them for feasibility, and chose those ideas that indicated potential for application in real life situations. Around this nucleus of work, a team was born, dedicated to the protection of the values of transparency and public responsibility.