Voices from the ground

“I was not aware of vigilance committees and after being elected in the Grama Sabha and being trained by PAC and Spandhana, I now have knowledge about my entitlements and now I’m in a position to clear doubts of my community members and ensure that the FPS is complying with the guidelines like maintaining registers, putting up display boards, etc.”

Tejaswini Santosh, CMAT member Hadigallu FPS, Shivamogga District 

“Now all the Fair Price Shops have biometric system in place in Udupi district. There is no scope for corruption if customer is aware of his rights.”

Sarvamangala, CMAT Member, Udupi

“Dal was sold for Rs. 50 earlier, we demanded that it be sold at its actual price… now it is sells at actual price at Rs.38 per kg”

Ms. Shobha Lakshmi, CMAT Member

“As a citizen monitoring member I learned about my rights on food security and I realized that this will help all the other citizen monitoring team members. Today I guide people in my village on our entitlements.”

Mrs. Sunanda, CMAT Member, Udupi