Career Intern


PAC encourages Interns from various parts of the world to be part of the various research projects and related activities. The interns are provided opportunities to work in real-life projects, provided opportunities to engage with stakeholders, and also encouraged to write articles, Policy Briefs, etc. Apart from this field visits to some of the project areas are also part of the internship programmes. PAC regularly receives applications from competitive students and academic institutes, both from within and outside India.

The following guidelines would govern the internship programme from the ensuing year onwards: 

  • PAC will take 12 interns at a time. 
  • The internship will be for a minimum period of 6 weeks and a maximum period of 12 weeks. 
  • Each intern will be assigned to a specific research group and will work on an ongoing project. 
  • The intern will be required to write a paper (5000 words or more) in fulfillment of the internship.

Applicants will be required to submit an online application endorsed by the academic supervisor or the dean of the university/institution concerned. The team head will ensure that the work done by the interns, period of internship, and their performance are documented and their work certified on completion of the internship.

Interested candidates can send their applications for an internship opportunity at PAC by downloading the application form HERE and send it to