Dr. Annapoorna Ravichander

Head – Training, Resource Mobilisation, Policy Engagement & Communication

Her interest areas include training, building communication strategies & editing.

Dr Annapoorna Ravichander is the Head of Policy Engagement and Communication at PAC. Her work, to put it simply, puts PAC on the map! She works on improving the quality of outgoing work, increasing the standard of official documents, visibility and social media engagement and conducting in-house capacity building activities. 

An academician at heart and an ardent communicator, Dr Annapoorna’s expertise lies in strengthening the company’s communication skill and developing the training wing of PAC. 

Dr Annapoorna has led an incredible career. Armed with a Ph.D. in History, she has worked in both the public and private domain for well over three decades! She lends her experience from previous forays to build teams and interact with researchers, the community and partner organisations. 

A committed, determined individual, she is not satisfied until she knows she’s given her 100% in anything she has worked on. 

At the very core, Dr Annapoorna is a writer. She loves expressing her thoughts in words and sharing them with the world. Her heart also holds a special place for animals and animal welfare. She loves keeping plants and reading as well.